NORSOK is a set of standards for use on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), which has been developed with broad petroleum industry participation.

Where our scope of supply is concerned, the main disciplines are the ”piping and layout” and ”material” sections.

L - Piping/Layout:
This section deals with different piping classes, piping design and compact flanged connections.

General requirements for piping design are highlighted in the documents found under this section.

M - Material:
This section covers requirements for materials, coating, welding, and so forth.

These requirements are essential for fabricating materials to be used where NORSOK standards are specified, and especially NORSOK M-650 on the qualification of manufacturers using special materials. This standard describes the qualifications required by manufacturers of special material grades, such as:
  • duplex stainless steel: all grades, product forms and dimensions
  • highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel: all product forms and dimensions
  • nickel base alloys: castings
  • titanium and its alloys: castings.