In order to comply with the technical requirements of our clients, we have a philosophy of close cooperation between our sales personnel and technical staff.

The technical staff are involved from the beginning in evaluating inquiry documents, and follow up orders closely until they are completed with the delivery of the "as built" documentation. That includes QA, QC and documentation handling of the order.

In addition to their general knowledge of materials, piping and welding science, our technical staff have in-depth expertise about various specifications, rules and regulations.

Documentation (certificates, drawings, production plans and so forth) is a very important part of the products we supply, and we work continuously to enhance the efficiency of the document-handling process without compromising quality. We have invested in the web-based solution HADocs, which offers direct access to the relevant certificates.

We are continuing to develop our solution with new features in order to contribute to more effective and on-demand web-based tools for better and easier use of documentation, certificates and project management.