Clamp connectors

Destec Engineering, G-Range pipe connections

Designed to meet the requirements of plant operators.

G-Range pipe connections are available in all material grades required by Norsok M630 and Statoil TR2000 from manufacturers qualified to Norsok M650. This was one of the connections originally approved by Statoil when it carried out interchangeability tests in 1996.

Owing to their efficiency, lightness and reliability, combined with extreme leak tightness, G-Range pipe connections offer significant benefits in industrial plant for a wide variety of applications.

Although designed primarily for adverse pressure and temperature conditions, less demanding applications can be considered owing to their ease of installation and assembly – particularly compared with the alignment and tightening of standard flanges.

The G-Range pipe connection comprises a pair of hubs for welding to the pipe (similar to a flange), a clamp set which can be rotated around the hubs to suit the most practical positions, and a seal ring.

The last of these is a modified cone ring which provides excellent leak tightness under the most severe conditions of pressure and/or thermal shock.

On assembly, the taper joint faces compress the seal ring radially. Sealing force is provided by the stored energy in the stressed seal ring, and any internal pressure will intensify the sealing action.

High-pressure containment
The higher the pressure, the more effective the G-Range connection becomes, since internal pressure intensifies the seal.

High temperatures
The standard all-metal seal ring is suitable for most applications. Maximum temperatures are limited only by the connection materials selected.

Extreme leak tightness
The seals remain leak-tight under the most arduous conditions of pressure, temperature and vacuum, even after many thousands of hours of operation.

Resistance to pressure and thermal shock
Cold-quench conditions and thermal cycling are the cause of most leakage problems when conventional compressible-type joints and seal materials are used. The flexibility of the seal ring compensates for this during thermal transient conditions.
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